This is a Good Story with many chapters that started many years ago and could not have another outcome than The Good Store

and a personal project and challenge aiming to prove that sustainable and ethical fashion are a real alternative today. We stock a curated selection of clothes and accessories with a minimal and timeless aesthetics and crafted from high quality certified sustainable materials ( organic cotton, tencel, hemp, linen, cupro, recycled polyester made out of plastic bottles and fishing nets taken from the sea, vegetable tanned or recycled leather).All our partners promote ethical production supported by official certificates that guarantee human working conditions and decent wages and we are proud of their charity programs or their projects meant to improve manufacturers lifes.We want to be part of the change the world needs!
Barcelona sustainable store
The idea to open this store in Barcelona, a place we love and we feel like home,  was born from our passion for fashion, our respect and care for the environement and the human being.After many years of dedication to fashion  we decided to join the group of initiatives who want to change the rulesof the game and to improve fashion's destroyed image as second most contaminating industry and manufacturing in opaque conditions. Our aim is to offer beautiful products made to last, produced with care for the environement and with total transparency for a conscious consumer who doesn't need to sacrifice the aestetics in order to be sustainable.With no intention to discriminate, it happens that most of the projects in our shop are promoted by women with the same values as ours and count with social projects that emprove women situation in different countries of the world.
Since we were kids we were fascinated by nature, animals, flowers, veggies in ours grandma's garden, blue sea ( even if I could see it almost only in pictures). We always felt part of the nature so it was natural to want to take care of it. And this is what our parents always tought us with their example.
Also , since we were kids we were fascinated by fashion. This beautiful relationship between a girl and her dolls that need to be dressed....evolved to high interest in the way fabrics are obtained, their propreties and qualities. Always natural fabrics! The puzzle of a pattern and how to put all pieces together and turn them into a dress became a nice way to spend our time in a creative way .
And what about the inner need to do anything possible to preserve the future of our children that arises when we become parents? At this point we not only feel the passion for nature, but we feel oblidged to take care of it !

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