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L’Autre Sac is a story made by women for women. Ana Maria and Mariana are the women behind a brand that brings us innovative bags made out of sustainable materials and with a strong social project behind. Their collections reflect their efforts to demonstrate that a beautiful aesthetic is perfectly environmentally and ethically responsible. 

L’Autre Sac is vegan and rejects animal cruelty. They use innovative materials with low environmental impact: cellulose pulp from protected forests(This is 100% biodegradable paper), Piñatex ®(leather made from cellulose extracted from pineapple leaves), Tyvek ® paper ( High Density Polyethylene) that is 100% recyclable and free of plasticizers.

The bags are ethically manufactured in a traditional working-class neighbourhood in Bogota, Columbia. They employ women with physical disabilities or in risk of social exclusion that would not be able to earn their living. As part of their Woman empowerment project , they pay education fee for young girls in Columbia to prepare them for a better future.
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